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Kourogi Farm 

Blueberry Garden Patch 

   In the mountains south of Aso volcano, blueberries have become a special product of our area, Yamato Town. Blueberries are a natural source of vitamin A, and are believed to be good for health and eyesight recovery. Our beautiful,  twenty year old blueberry bushes bear fruit from early summer to early autumn, and picked fresh or made into jam, your family will love the sweet taste. 

   We carefully maintain our blueberries with regular pruning and greenhouse roofing.  Rain or shine, our patch is open to you.

   During the hot summer season, there is no better way to cool down than to enjoy our homemade blueberry soft cream.  A waffle cone swirled high with creamy soft serve, we top our ice cream in our original blueberry sauce.  Whether you've come to pick or come to camp, you'll enjoy this one of a kind treat!

Blueberry Picking Season

Early Season: late June~July

Late Season: August~Mid-September

※Please note that these dates may change due to weather and availability

You Pick Fee

(all you can eat for as long as you like

Entrance fee
 Adult & Teenagers               500yen

 Elementary school children 200yen

 Under 5 years old       Free  


Blueberries picked to be taken home will be weighed and charged 150yen/100g

Frozen blueberries are available all year in 500g bags for 750yen

For bulk orders of fresh or frozen blueberries, please phone for packing and shipping information


※Please phone to confirm the availability of blueberries before            arriving


株式会社歌瀬アウトドアライフ 〒861−3911 熊本県上益城郡山都町菅尾1344−1 

営業時間:8:00~18:00 木曜定休(7月~9月を除く)
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