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        "Utase" & "Hana"

Doburoku is a traditional, Japanese sake that was historically made in the rural countryside. All duburoku produced across Japan tastes differently and we are proud to produce two varieties of non sweet doburoku, Utase and Hana.  Using our homegrown rice, our duburoku fermentation process does not include "hiire", a heating process, and thus, a certain freshness is preserved resulting in an award winning, fruity flavor and rich taste, semi-sparkling on the tongue.

Regarding the Purchase of Our Duburoku

As our duburoku has not undergone hiire, the continued fermentation within the bottle requires air.  Closing the cap tightly may result in bottle or cap breakage, spilling or leakage. Therefore, upon purchase, please be advised that the bottle cap will be slightly loose, and it is essential in transportation to keep the bottle upright. 

Storage and Consumption

When the temperature of the duburoku rises, fermentation quickens and  a sharp, bitter taste can result. Please make sure to store your duburoku in a cold refrigerator with the cap loosened slightly. We recommend that you drink the duburoku as soon as possible to ensure the quality and desired taste is enjoyed.

              Please enjoy our duburoku responsibly.

Doburoku Utase

Fruity in flavour, rich and semi-sparkling

   Amount 720ml

 Ingredients rice/koji (malted rice)

 Alcohol Content 10~12%

 Price ¥1,500(including tax)


Record of Awards

The 5th National Doburoku Contest

The 6th National Doburoku Contest

The 7th National Doburoku Contest

The 8th National Doburoku Contest

Doburoku Hana

Slightly stronger, more agressively bitter, semi-sparkling 

   Amount 720ml

 Ingredients rice/koji (malted rice)

 Alcohol Content 12~14%

 Price ¥1,600including tax


Record of Awards

The 8th National Doburoku Contest

The 9th National Doburoku Contest

Our duburoku is available for purchase in store at our main campground reception cabin.  As we are a small business with limited production capabilities, please phone ahead to ensure product availability.

For orders, large and small, and domestic shipping rates, please use the form on the right to request further information.

Unfortunately, as our product must be refrigerated, international orders and shipping are not possible. However, thank you for your interest!

◇Additional Shipping Charges◇

 Kyushu(except Okinawa)~Kansai       \750

 Chubu/Hokuriku             \950

 Kanto/Shinetsu              \1,150

 Tohoku                  \1,350

 Okinawa                \1,150

 Hokkaido               \1,700


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 Thank you for your order!  We accept:

   cash on delivery/bank transfer/postal transfer


Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

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