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Soyo Hospital

(general medical center, emergencies, walk-ins)


For emergency medical attention and walk-in, general medical assistance


■Phone  0967-83-1122

■Open  Mon to Friday 8:30~17:15

■(Saturday, Sunday, Holidays) Emergency Only


Southward 5.5km from Utase Campground

Services in Japanese only

Yamaguchi Hospital

(internal medicine/ pediatrics/ dermatology)

■Phone  0967-83-0506

■Open  Monday to Thursday  9:00~12:00/14:00~17:00

                Friday  9:00~12:00

                Saturday  8:30~12:30

■Closed  Sundays, Holidays


Southward 1.7km from Utase Campground

Makoto Pharmacy

Basic pharmacy goods, located next to Yamaguchi Hospital.

■Phone  096-783-1211

■Open  Monday to Saturday  8:30~19:00

■Closed  Sundays


Southward 1.7km from Utase Ca,pground

Kosumosu Takamori 

Extensive pharmacy and medical goods, personal sundries

■Phone  0967-63-0234

■Open  10:00~21:00


Northward 18.8km from Utase Campground

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