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Soyokaze Park Public Bath

■Phone 0967-83-0880

■Hours 15:00~21:00

■Fee   Adults 400yen

      Children 200yen

Northward 3㎞ from Utase Campground

This is a public bath, not a hot spring, but it is located nearest to Utase Campground.  It takes only 3 minutes by car to get to this bath, and you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for 1080yen at lunch time here as well.  They serve local, Japanese countryside style dishes made fresh daily by local women.


■Phone  0982-82-1115

■Hours  10:00~21:00  

     (opens at 15:00 every Wednesday )

■Fee    Adults 500yen

        Children 200yen

Southward 13.9㎞ from Utase Campground

Although there is only an inside, rather small bath for a maximum of 4-5 people, the spring water quality of this hot spring is amazing.  After a long day camping, hiking, or fishing outdoors, this water will warm and soothe your body.


■Phone 0967‐72-1161

■Hours 10:30~20:30

■Fee      Adults 500yen

                   Children 250yen

Westward 19.6㎞ from Utase Campground

Relax in three large baths, a sauna, and an outdoor bath. Experience the history of Tsujunkyo 通潤橋, a National Important Cultural Property, and be amazed by the natural greatness of Gorogataki waterfall 五老ヶ滝, both nearby.    Tsujun-sansou, Japanese history, nature, and hot spring experiences.

Tsukimawari Onsen

■Phone 0967-62-0141

■Hours 10:00~20:00(19:00 in winter)

■Fee    Adults 500yen

      Children 300yen

■Private Bath 2,000yen (1 hour)

■Closed  every second Tuesday

Northward 19.6㎞ from Utase Campground

This is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful view of Mt.Aso while you bathe in an outdoor bath.  Sun, rain, or snow, go in the daytime to see the magnificent view.

Takamori Onsen

■Phone 0967-62-2626

■Hours 10:00~21:00

■Fee   Adults 300yen

       Children 150yen

■Private Bath    1,000yen(1hour until 19:00)

■Closed Wednesdays

Northward 20.4㎞ from Utase Campground

One of the largest complexes, enjoy 13 varieties of baths such as an exercise bath, a waterfall bath, and an outdoor bath.  This hot spring also has wheelchair accessible baths available.

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