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Michinoeki Soyokaze Park Bussankan (local product shop)

■Phone  0967-83-0880

■Open 10:00~17:00

■Closed  First Tuesday of June and December


Northward 2.5km from Utase Campground

Get fresh local vegetables and a variety of souvenirs with great prices at this farmer's market. 

Nikuno Miyabe Meat Shop

■Phone  0967-83-0032

■Open  9:00~20:00

■Closed  Wednesdays


Southward 6.1km from Utase Campground

At the top of Mamihara's picturesque shopping street is this lovely local butcher shop.  All of the best cuts for your evening barbecue, the meat is carefully selected by the friendly owner Mr.Miyabe, and you will want to be sure to try their in house take away specialties, horse meat croquettes and deep-fried chicken. 

Tariki Sengyo Fresh Fish Monger

■Phone  0967-83-0039

■Open    everyday, 8:00~around 19:00

      (No fried products on Sunday)


Southward 6.2km from Utase Campground 

Although we are deep in the mountains, Tariki Sengyo's Fish Monger has delicious fresh fish, sashimi, and deep fried seafood every day. A family run business, be sure to support our community and enjoy the great taste of fish on the grill tonight.

Supermarket Mitsui Mamihara 

■Phone  0967-83-0888

■Open  ~21:00

■Closed  Year-end and New Year holidays


Southward 4km from Utase Campground

Supermarket Mitsui Soyo 

■Phone  0967-85-0101

■Open  ~21:00

■Closed  Year-end and New Year holidays


Northward 3.5km from Utase Campground

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