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Mt.Mukouzaka & Mt.Shiraiwa

Elevation 1685m

Basic course

The start of the trail (Goboubatake)~skiing ground ~ Mt.Mukouzaka ~ Mt.Shiraiwa~Sugigoe ~ The start of the trail(Goboubatake) 

The time required  about 4 hours

The degree of difficulty   for beginners


Mt.Mukouzaka is located on the border of Miyazaki Prefecture, Gokase Town, and Kumamoto Prefecture, Yamato Town.  To the northeast side slope lies Gokase Highland Ski, the southernmost ski resort in Japan.

Deep in the evergreen forests of the mountains, you can enjoy every season hiking through the budding new green leaves of spring, the summer flowers in cedar shade, the autumn oranges and reds or, snow trekking in the sparkling hoar frost of winter. The view from the top of Mt.Shiraiwa is spectacular!  

This trekking course can be enjoyed by beginners and families.  However, experienced guides and professional outdoor hiking experiences can be arranged. Please enquire at Utase Campground's front desk for information regarding EcoKyshu Adventure Tours. 

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