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Utase Rice


In the blue skies of the countryside, our campground is nestled in the mountains, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and natural springs. Whether standing knee deep in muddy paddies or waist deep in golden sheaves, farming rice has become an exciting and rewarding part of our everyday lives. We plant our rice in May and it is grown throughout the summer season using natural spring and rain water.  Essential to the production of high quality and great tasting rice, we take pride in our farming practices, eat our own rice daily, and look forward every year to the first taste of autumn's rice harvest. 

In early October, we take reserved orders for 30kg bags, and as rice is a staple of the Japanese diet, it is reassuring to know that this quality rice was grown right here, by us, with hard work and enthusiasm.

From table to cup, we also use our rice in the production of our award winning doburoku.  A traditional, Japanese sake historically of the countryside, duburoku is made with fermented rice, and we are proud to offer you these field to table products.  

For more information regarding our rice or the purchasing of rice, please contact us at any time. 

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