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Check in          12:00 PM Noon

Check out        11:00 AM


Quiet Hours      Begin at 10:00 PM

                            Please turn down your lanterns.

                            Please respect your neighbors by being quiet.

                            No cars may enter or leave the campground after this hour.


Showers       Please feel free to use the shower and laundry facilities.

                      There is hot water for your comfort and all showers are coin operated.            



Baths           Baths are available at Soyokaze Park.

                      From Utase, turn right at the highway and drive for approximately 1km.                                 Soyokaze Park is on your left.

                      Adult 400 yen, Child 200 yen. Saunas are available.


Onsen         There are a variety of onsens available in the South Aso area.

                     Takamori Town: Tsukimawari Onsen, Takamori Onsen

                     Yabe Town: Tsujunsanso Onsen

                     (all approximately 20 minutes drive by car)



Pool             The pool is open from the end of July to the start of September.

                      Pool hours begin at 10AM and close at 4PM, daily.

                      All minors must be accompanied by an adult.


Water            Please respect the environment and our facilities. Use water only as needed.


Garbage        Please take all garbage home with you.

                       There are no garbage services available.

                        Do NOT burn garbage in grills or campfires!


Pets               Please clean up after your pets and use a leash at all times.

                       Owners must consider the safety and comfort of other campers.


Fireworks      Small firework use is permitted only in the main campfire area or on roads.

                        Maintain a safe distance at all times to avoid injury or fire.


Fire                Barbecues and campfires will burn the grass underneath.

                       Please use wooden grates under your barbecues and campfires.

                       These grates are located near the cookhouses/toilets.


Storms            In the event of lightning and thunder, move into your vehicle.

                        Stay in the vehicle until the storm passes.


Ash Disposal   Please put barbecue coals, ash, firewood, and used fireworks in the large                               clay silo located near cookhouses/toilets.



   use of generators                                         large rocket and explosive fireworks                        use of golf clubs                                           radios, stereos, karaoke, and loud music

   open fires; you must use fire guard         pets running free, unleashed

   pets inside bungalows                     


Utase Campground is not liable for any accidents or injury incurred while staying,

Please act responsibly at all times. You are responsible for your children.


Should a violation of the rules occur, we will kindly request that you leave the campground immediately.


We sincerely hope that you will respect and enjoy our campground by abiding the guidelines stated above.


If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact staff at any time.


Thank you, and welcome!

The Utase Staff  and Community.  

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